EMAEE September 2016 Meeting - 9/14/16 at Lawrence Tech
The East Michigan Association of Energy Engineers invites you to attend their meeting on Wednesday September 14, 2016.

Using Energy Data Analytics to Identify and Quantify Energy Saving Projects


Mr. Buchanan will introduce and explain a new analytic energy benchmarking process and how it can be used to better identify and quantify energy conservation opportunities for both buildings and HVAC equipment.
Mr. Buchanan shall first introduce Pathian® Curves, discuss the difference between Pathian Curves and traditional baseline comparison energy curves, and show how these weather-normalized energy curves are used to create performance indices in order to analyze peer group performance for commercial buildings, mechanical systems and their components. With a basic understanding of Pathian Curves, we will introduce the Syrx™ Numbering System, a peer group classification system used to catalog performance indices for peer comparison. Pathian will then present a case study demonstrating how these curves and performance indices can be used to generate variance reports used to identify and quantify energy conservation opportunities and then measure, verify and sustain results.

Learning objectives:

1. Upon competition, the attendee shall understand how to use real-time HVAC component level energy analytics to identify, quantify and estimate HVAC energy saving opportunities.
2. Via live website demonstration, gain a basic understanding of component level benchmarking concepts and how the new analytical process is deployed.
3. Understand how real-time energy audits and variance reports are generated for central plants, HVAC equipment and their components (i.e. fans, hydronic coils, dampers, valves, etc.).
4. Live case study example: Use real-time analytics to evaluate the present and past performance of 4,500 ton central chilled water plant.

By: Dan Buchanan, President and Founder of Pathian Incorporated

Alfred Taubman Student Service Center at Lawrence Technological University Rm C406

FREE for Chapter Members
Guests = $25
Students/Seniors = $19

5:30 p.m. -- Social Time / Chapter Business
6:00 p.m. -- Dinner
6:15 p.m. -- Presentation by Guest Lecturer with questions to follow

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