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About Our Company
Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, founded in 2012, is a woman-owned MBE certified, full service leader in the commercial and energy-efficiency industry with a key focus on customer satisfaction. A special emphasis is placed on our employees as we strive to offer a safe, consistent, and stimulating work environment. We offer customized services tailored to the needs of our clients within budget. We are dedicated to ensure the service that we provide complies with OSHA standards. We believe in ethical business practices, treating our employees with respect, serving the community, protecting the environment, and providing our customers with the service they expect.

Job Summary:
- Energy Managers shall:
- Provide demand side energy conservation program management to large commercial and industrial customers by performing reviews of energy consuming systems and equipment including maintenance functions, operating practices and physical conditions.
- Understand utility usage patterns and perform studies for reduction opportunities, promote energy conservation through the implementation of established best practices, provide energy conservation awareness education, and integrate new energy efficient technologies and energy usage analysis.
Essential Job Functions:
- Identify and analyze energy conservation opportunities, with the objective of optimizing energy utilization.
- Provide assistance resolving billing issues, power quality issues, momentary outage resolution and any other utility-related customer concerns.
- Provide energy waste reduction technical support for designated customers. Energy sources include, but are not limited to, electricity, natural gas, steam, compressed air, and water.
- Understand existing and new products, services and technologies to optimize energy usage in a cost-effective manner.
- Develop and implement energy management programs and awareness activities.
- Support customers' development of annual energy budgets.
- Provide project management support in implementation of energy related projects.
- Assist in driving customer and overall Company energy reduction targets
- Follow all health and safety procedures and requirements of Company and the Customer.
- Lead and advise Customer energy teams.

Energy Managers shall have the following qualifications:
- Minimum: Associate degree in engineering / engineering technology, or a related technical discipline, & knowledge / capabilities typically acquired through 3-plus years of job-relevant experience, such as experience in energy management.
- Preferred: Bachelor's degree in engineering / engineering technology, or related technical discipline; Professional Engineer's license or Certified Energy Manager certification from the Association of Energy Engineers.
- Intermediate-to-advanced analytical and project management skills, including scheduling, estimating and budgeting
- Communicates effectively (verbally & in writing) with individuals at all levels, inside and outside the Corporation
- Analytical & problem-solving skills consistent with the ability to identify key energy improvement-related issues and recommend optimal solutions for various situations.
- Ability to conduct efficacious meetings and manage the meeting process with optimal results.
- Ability to initiate new ideas and approaches; challenges prevailing practices & approaches with feasible alternatives.
- Familiarity with ISO50001, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, DOE Energy Star 50001Ready, LEED, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Visual Factory, etc., and ability to help Customers implement Energy Management Systems based on these programs.
- Knowledge of utility Energy Waste Reduction programs and Michigan Energy Measures Database.
- Ability to evaluate Building Management System data to seek opportunities to incrementally improve operations and maintenance practices.

Travel Little to no travel expected for this position

Pay $65,000 - $72,000 (pay will be commensurate with experience)

Job Type: Full-time

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September 2020 Meeting Recap
The East Michigan Association of Energy Engineers held an informative meeting on Tuesday September 15, 2020 regarding UVC technology. The afternoon's presentation was given by Jeff Wooten from Griffin International. Mr. Wooten's presentation was well-received and generated many questions. Mr. Wooten also provided the ASHRAE Global UVGI presentation for reference. Thank you to all that attended and special thanks to Mr. Wooten for his presentation.

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Recent Posts
Welcome to the East Michigan Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

We are dedicated to helping our members and community implement energy efficient technologies to reduce expenses, improve their energy efficiency, protect the environment, and bolster our economy.

Stay attuned to the rapid changes and reshaping of our business, new technologies, and the legislative and regulatory issues affecting our industry. Join us as we network with industry peers, develop leads, discuss energy opportunities, tour project sites and explore energy procurement strategies.

Realize the benefits of a local support group staffed with professionals such as yourself. We encourage both MEMBERS AND GUESTS to attend our quarterly meetings.

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Chapter Meetings
Our chapter's regular meetings are held quarterly, on the 2nd Tuesday of February, April, September, and November.

Registration and Social Time - 5:15 pm
Dinner / Meeting - 6pm
Adjourn ~ 8pm

Meetings typically consist of a guest speaker and short business agenda.
Additional networking opportunities are provided from 8-9pm.

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Key Contacts
Here are the key contacts for the East Michigan Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers:

jjankowski@AEPenergy.com, President, James Jankowski - PE/CEM
bsnyder@ids-troy.com, VP, Bruce Snyder - CEM
dobryP@trinity-health.org, Treasurer, Paul Dobry - CEM
smoore@taubman.com, Secretary, Steve Moore - PE/CEM
david.everest@siemens.com, Chapter Awards, David Everest - Phd/CEM
shelley@esciences.us, Scholarships, Shelley Sullivan
edwardsd@dteenergy.com, Technologies and Training, Don Edwards - CEM
sawecox2@comcast.net, Membership and meeting attendance, Ed Cox - CEM
smoore@taubman.com, Webmaster, Steve Moore - PE/CEM

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